Heraclitus Ship Rebuild

Finish Painting & Sealing the New Hull

Campaign Overview

RESEARCH VESSEL HERACLITUS, the research ship built by the Institute of Ecotechnics in 1975, is an 82 foot, chinese junk design with a ferrocement hull. It has sailed the world’s oceans for over forty years, traveling more than 270,000 nautical miles in every sea except the Arctic.

The ship is in the last phase of a complete rebuild. Docked in Rosés, Spain, the new ferrocement hull has been completed and now needs to be painted and then moved to a new part of the dock for the finish. All the funds raised in this campaign go directly to the Heraclitus project.

Thank you for your help to fund the rebuild of this legendary ship and get her back into the oceans where she can continue to sail to new cultures, map and monitor the health of our seas, and educate a new generation of Sea People.

To get involved or discuss sponsorship, please contact Expedition Chief Christine Handte, here.

All donations received are tax deductible.

Photo of Las Casas de Selva Campsite

Dry Dock LocationRosés, Spain

Over the course of its twelve epic expeditions, the ship has been a nautical home to hundreds of seafarers from all walks of life, hailing from over fifty countries. The Heraclitus is a floating platform for arts, science, ecology and adventure. She conducts citizen science in marine ecologies, documents cultural oral history in coastal areas, and collects data documenting the quickening cycle of decline in our oceans from warming, acidification, and other impacts on the ocean ecosystems resulting from climate change impacts.

The expedition team is currently in the middle of a long-term ambitious project to document and proliferate a rich oral history archive of the lives and legends of the coastal cultures that the ship encounters along her voyage. And as always, the Heraclitus performs theater in every port, staging and curating original artistic and theatrical productions, and serving as an interface between cultures—with the mission to record and pass along the rich heritage and ancestral knowledge of sea-people everywhere.

To get involved or become a sponsor, please contact Expedition Chief Christine Handte, here.

All donations received are tax deductible.


Wade Davis, Sir Ghillean Prance, Dennis McKenna and former Captain Robert Hahn discuss the 1982 expedition of the Heraclitus up the Amazon River and the impact of the RV Heraclitus.

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