Another GEC affiliated company is Wastewater Gardens International, directed by Dr. Mark Nelson, which designs and installs an ecological subsurface flow approach to constructed wetlands designed for use both inland and by the sea. Developed by Dr. Nelson, working with the Center for Wetlands at the University of Florida and the Planetary Coral Reef Foundation, Wastewater Gardens are now operating at over a hundred sites in Mexico, Indonesia, the Bahamas, Belize, Algeria, Poland, Spain, Portugal, France, the United States and Australia.

Wastewater Gardens are an environmentally-friendly approach to treating and recycling residential sewage, protecting the groundwater and greening the landscape. The ideal applications for Wastewater Gardens are for houses, businesses and communities which do not have connections to centralized sewage systems and must do on-site treatment and reuse.

In many coastal and inland communities, human waste is not treated at all or only through septic tanks, which then seep into groundwater and eventually affect the health of rivers, lakes and the ocean. Untreated wastewater from homes, businesses, restaurants and hotels is a major health and environmental problem. Fecal coliform, a bacteria found in sewage, pollutes the groundwater, and the nitrogen and phosphates can cause damage to natural ecosystems.

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