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Heraclitus Ship Rebuild - RESEARCH VESSEL HERACLITUS, the Chinese-junk research ship built by the Institute of Ecotechnics in 1975, has sailed the world’s oceans for over forty years, traveling more than 270,000 nautical miles in every sea except the Arctic.


Celebrating Our Living Elders: John Allen, Pioneer in Biosphere Science, Shares His Vision and Dream for Planet Earth

by October 16, 2020Biosphere

Many astronauts when they first see the Earth from space are astounded by its beauty, falling in love with her and forever changing their lives; it is called the Overview Effect. Since April 2020, the OneHome NGO has been using unique Earth images taken from one million miles away by NASA to create a spectacular view such that everybody can have the same profound experience.

John Allen, author and inventor of Biosphere 2, shares his love and vision for the biosphere on OneHome.org, with original musical score composed by Mark Yaeger for John’s reading, quite moving.


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