Birdwood Downs Station

Derby, West Australia

Seeking Expressions of Interest for Birdwood Downs

* Gateway to the Gorges *

Savannah Systems Ecotechnic Land Care Consultants • Kimberley School of Horsemanship • Horse Rides & Ecotours • Camping & Accommodations • Event Spaces

Regenerative Pastoral Practices

Working with the Institute of Ecotechnics, Birdwood Downs Station has pioneered new ecological methods of improving degraded lands using stock  management, weed control and planning improved grasses. Now the beautiful paddocks with their groves of native trees, spectacular boabs and eucalyptus, serve as a model for sustainable management of the tropical savannah and support our horses and cattle herd.

Kimberley School of Horsemanship

Our horses are very well trained and gentle. 

Riding Lessons

The knowledge and experience gained in the past 34 years is passed through consulting and hands on learning opportunities to volunteers and youth through Woofer programmes and after school events.

Trail Rides for All Ages Through the Paddocks

The Kimberley School of Horsemanship offers training for all ages in horse care, horse training and riding. Horse rides are available for all levels of experience.

Round Yard

Facilities include a round yard, rodeo arena and special paddocks for care and foaling.

Savannah Hut Accommodation

Bungalows build with famous Kimberley colourstone, with ventilated roofs provide accommodation for tourists and local people alike. 

Savannah Hut Accommodation

Single, double and triple occupancy units with fridge, shared ablutions. 

Seeking Expressions of Interest for Unique Large-scale Freehold Property

 Since 1978, Birdwood Downs has been a demonstration project in sustainable land use and balanced living. Now after 40 years, the owners, Birdwood Downs Partners are seeking new futures for the property. The station lands are located at the Gateway the Gorges on the Gibb River Road where thousands of hearty travellers venture each year to visit the spectacular nature of the Kimberley. Facilities include bungalow and campsite accommodation, camp kitchens and shared ablutions, with horse trail rides and ecotours offered through our beautiful paddocks. The property is located east of the coastal town of Derby, population of approximately 3,511 people (Census 2016) approximately 2,400 kms from Perth with main industries supporting the town including tourism, mining, a regional prison, government agencies and agriculture. The town has a wide range of amenities including a hospital, airport, schools and shopping. Birdwood Downs homestead is approximately 20 kilometers from the Derby townsite. Surrounding property development includes the adjoining special rural zoned Birdwood Rise subdivision comprising rural lifestyle living allotments ranging in size from approximately 4 to 8 hectares. All amenities and supplies including fuel and food are sourced from the nearby Derby townsite.

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