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Fundraising Campaign
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Lara Tambacopoulou is expanding upon her mother Joanna Harcourt-Smith’s legacy.

Since 2006, Future Primitive has brought you intimate conversations with authors, visionaries and innovators who speak about our connection and partnership with the Living Earth. In October 2020, Joanna Harcourt-Smith passed away, and shortly before she expressed her desire for her daughter Lara Tambacopoulou to continue this work.

After almost 700 episodes, Lara is picking up where Joanna left off with new and old voices, documenting the shift in consciousness, the psychedelic renaissance and the global rise in awareness about our interconnections with all things and Gaia.

New episodes beginning September 2022.

Relaunch Campaign

We are raising funds in order to restart the podcast and take it to a broader, more global audience, and keep this incredible body of work going long into the future. Here is an overview of what we are raising funds for:

  • Establish a new non-profit organization, 5-year business plan and organizational structure.
  • Marketing and outreach strategy and resources for reaching a broader, more global audience.
  • Website and technical upgrades, including offering video podcasts and live-stream events, and new equipment.
  • Offering podcasts in other languages, with translations, non-English interviews and transcriptions into multiple languages.
  • We also plan to offer educational and training opportunities with certain teachers.


The Impact

After relaunching, we aim to reach thousands of new people as well as audiences outside of the Untied States in Central and South America, Europe, Asia, etc.

  • Since 2006, Future Primitive has reached over 1 million people, some of whom have written to us expressing the great impact it has made on their lives and spiritual awakening.
  • This long standing podcast is the first to be handed down along a female line from mother to daughter.
  • You will help us reach thousands of new listeners and many new teachers, as well as a new generation of younger people who are feeling the call to planetary activism.

Other Ways You Can Help

We greatly appreciate any financial assistance you can provide, and also please help us spread this campaign with old and new friends of Future Primitive.

Photo of Las Casas de Selva Campsite

Lara Tambacopoulou


About Lara Tambacopoulou

Born in 60s Switzerland, Lara is of British, Greek and Polish descent with a rich and diverse lived experience. She is a peer counselor, a psychedelic activist, a systemic integration consultant, a poet and photographer and currently on an intense apprenticeship as a student with the Awe Foundation’s 3 year Psychedelic Therapy Training program.

A life-long learner, her education spans from an MA in Image and Communications, an MBA and a Counseling degree from the University of British Columbia. She has worked in diverse business and humanitarian contexts. Today she is most passionate about her systemic constellations work, which she is certified by the Centre for Systemic Constellations in the UK to provide groups and individuals. Everything she does is motivated by the wisdom of radical inclusion, where allowing everything to belong brings all livings beings to a state of consciousness and therefore, harmony.

These incredible conversations that were lovingly brought to so many people by her mother, became the rich backdrop of their ongoing journey of connecting the fragmented lives and circumstances that they traveled together. During her life Joanna nourished Lara with her intense spirit, love and curiosity, and she became one of her greatest teachers.

Our Team

Lara Tambacopoulou

Joanna Harcourt-Smith
Co-Founder & Former Host

Jose Luis Gomez Soler
Co-Founder & Co-Producer

Jacob Aman
Co-Host & Co-Producer

Some of our previous guests

Christopher Bache, Rick Doblin, Amy Goodman, Van Jones, Mary Catherine Bateson,
Vandana Shiva, Helena Norberg-Hodge, Stanislav Grof, Rachel Bagby, Gabor Maté,
Charles Eisenstein, Griselda Alvarez Sesma, Douglas Rushkoff, Annie Oak,
Ralph Abraham, Max Dashu, Mingtong Gu, Riane Eisler, Mark Nelson,
Sandra Ingerman, Bradford Keeney, Martin Prechtel, Robert Waggoner,
Richard Tarnas, Deena Metzger, Bill Plotkin, Jeremy Narby,
Stephen Harrod Buhner, Rick Strassman, Elaine Pagels, Stephen Gallegos,
Bhattacharya Saxena, Steve Roach, Nora Bateson, Dennis McKenna,
Joan Halifax, Tim Freke, Stephen Batchelor, Dave Jacke, Ervin Laszlo,

and hundreds more …

New episodes beginning September 2022.

Our Affiliates

We thank the following organizations for their assistance and guidance during the creation of this campaign and relaunch of the Future Primitive Podcast.

  1. The Institute of Ecotechnics: Since 1973 the Institute develops and applies innovative approaches to harmonizing technology and the biosphere with projects across the globe. Ecotechnics integrates two complementary fields of study: the ‘ecology of technics’ and the ‘technics of ecology’. The Institute convenes international conferences and workshops that bring together leading thinkers, scientists, explorers, artists and managers.
  2. The AWE Foundation: As far as Psychedelic training goes, we believe this is one of the most comprehensive programs available. It is a profound integrative training, a program of three years of 1,200-hour intensity that incorporates indigenous leaders and their traditions together with psychedelic researchers and transpersonal psychotherapists.
  3. Synergetic Press: For over 35 years as an independent publisher, our mission has been to promote mindful discussion of humankind’s present and future lives. We have published unique and paradigm-shifting ideas in subjects such as ecology, sustainability, psychedelics, consciousness, and cultural studies that inspire both individual and social change.

The Institute of Ecotechnics

The AWE Foundation

Synergetic Press

Frequently Asked Questions

How will we monetize Future Primitive going forward?

We are committed to keeping the Future Primitive Podcast ad-free, and will not be implementing a paid subscription service for the foreseeable future. Instead, as part of our upgraded platform we will be rolling out an improved donation and ongoing supporter system, seek fiscal sponsorship, and will also be offering educational and community building courses and other services in the future to help sustain this most important project. Let us know if you have any other ideas – we welcome them!

Can I make suggestions for interviewees?

Yes! We welcome any suggestions for new brilliant guests.

What community resources will Future Primitive offer in the future?

Besides our Facebook page, we are exploring new ways to connect with our community of listeners and guests. We are considering other communication platforms, such as Heartbeat, etc. Let us know if you have any suggestions.

Will you offer video interviews?

One of our campaign goals is to make the necessary preparations for proper video interviews, a portion of which will be in-person studio and on-site video interviews. We aim to begin offering each episode as a video interview beginning Spring 2023.

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