Las Casas de la Selva Forest

New Wood Shed Campaign

Our wood drying shed was destroyed by Hurricane Maria. We need to build a new one in order to continue our own forestry work as well as salvaging trees that fell in the hurricane. All over Puerto Rico trees are cut for all sorts of reasons, but the wood is being chipped and dumped in landfill. As we advocate for better natural resource management, we want to save this wood which can include mahogany trees that are 70 years and older. $30,000 is needed now. Can you help?

Please contact for more information.

All donations received are tax deductible.

Photo of Las Casas de Selva Campsite

PatillasPuerto Rico – Las Casas de la Selva (meaning Houses of the Forest)

Established in 1983, Las Casas de la Selva is the home of Tropic Ventures Sustainable Forestry & Rainforest Enrichment Project. It is located in the southern mountains adjacent to the Carite State Forest, in the municipality of Patillas, on the island of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean.

The aim of the project is to research and demonstrate the economic use of rainforest land using methods that do not destroy the rainforest ecology. Members of The Institute of Ecotechnics initiated this unique project pioneering experiments in sustainable rainforest ecology, through line-planting of valuable timber trees. Nearly 300 acres of the 1000-acre property have been planted with over 40,000 native and exotic hardwood trees with extremely promising results. Since 2003, plantation areas have been experimentally thinned, timber sold, and scientific research carried out all over the land.

700 acres remains as a wilderness preserve for watershed protection, research, and educational ecotourism. The project is certified as a Stewardship Forest and has an approved ‘Sustainable Forestry Stewardship Management Plan’, and registered as an Auxiliary Forest.

‘Ready, willing and able’ apprentices from all over the world have worked and lived here. Our motto is “learning by doing”. Tropic Ventures Research & Education Foundation was incorporated in 1998 as a non-profit in Puerto Rico to support the project’s research and education activities. The Earthwatch Institute has been a key collaborator in assisting in the scientific mission.

On how to get involved, please contact President of Tropic Ventures, Thrity Vakil, here.


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