Eden Turned on its Side: Meridel Rubenstein Looks at Human Processes Across Time, Santa Fe

by September 6, 2018Uncategorized, Wastewater Gardens

Meridel Rubenstein, above left, latest exhibition Eden Turned on Its Side opens next week at Gerald Peters Projects in Santa Fe, Thursday, September 13th, 5-7pm.

Over the course of her career, internationally renowned artist and University of New Mexico alumna Meridel Rubenstein creates photographic artworks that engage the natural world and investigate humanity’s place within nature.

Eden Turned on Its Side looks at ecological and human processes across time that either reinforce or destroy the notion of “Eden.” Focusing on poetic intersections of nature and culture in relation to ecological and social imbalance, the work consists of large-scale photographic images that tend toward immersive installation, as is characteristic of much of Rubenstein’s art. It comprises three parts— PhotosynthesisVolcano Cycle, and Eden in Iraq—which respectively explore ecologies on the scales of human time, geological time, and mythical time.

For more information on Meridel’s collaborative work in Iraq with the Institute’s director, Mark Nelson, to construct Wastewater Gardens at the National Parks in the marshlands of Basra, Iraq, visit …  https://ecotechnics.edu/2000/04/eden-iraq/.  The exhibition at Gerald Peters is a gallery version of this summer’s installation at the UNM Fine Art Museum coinciding with publication of her book,  Eden Turned on Its Side.

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