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‘Biosphere 2: Lessons & Relevance to Global Ecological Challenges’ with Dr. Mark Nelson & Sir Ghillean Prance

September 11th, 12:30 pm, Seminar Talk @ The Linnean Society of London Biosphere 2 was the world’s first experimental laboratory for global ecology. Sir Ghillean Prance, working with NY Botanic Gardens and Kew Gardens, designed the rainforest area of the facility, testing strategies that will be important in preserving rainforest diversity. Dr Mark Nelson was a member of the biospherian crew for the daring 1991-1993 closure experiment. Biosphere 2 demonstrated important lessons relevant for improving our relationship with Earth’s biosphere (Biosphere 1): the technosphere can be designed to support life without harming it; new roles for humans as atmospheric...

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Eden Turned on its Side: Meridel Rubinstein Looks at Human Processes Across Time, Sept. 10, Santa Fe

Meridel Rubenstein, above left, latest exhibition Eden Turned on Its Side opens next week at Gerald Peters Projects in Santa Fe, Thursday, September 13th, 5-7pm. Over the course of her career, internationally renowned artist and University of New Mexico alumna Meridel Rubenstein creates photographic artworks that engage the natural world and investigate humanity’s place within nature. Eden Turned on Its Side looks at ecological and human processes across time that either reinforce or destroy the notion of “Eden.” Focusing on poetic intersections of nature and culture in relation to ecological and social imbalance, the work consists of large-scale photographic images that tend toward immersive installation,...

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Saathi Bio Farm: Community Organic Market and Educational Centre in Nepal

The Institute of Ecotechnics is proud to serve as the fiscal sponsor of the Saathi Bio Farm Project in the Annapurna Conservation Camp, Nepal The Vision: Three dedicated individuals, Julian Hungerbuehler, Emma Warren with the landowner, Tulsi Giri have designed and are building a sustainable, rammed earth style community building on SAATHI BIO FARM (translation: Friends Organic Farm). The small community farm lies 20km north of Pokhara next to the village Humdi Lampata, above a beautiful valley with views of the Himalayan peaks. The hope is to show by example and through education, that sustainable tourism in a rural community...

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Legends of Heraclitus

Research Vessel Heraclitus’ Cultural History Project: Contemporary Histories of Mediterranean Ports Lives and Legends of the Mediterranean Sea   (Reposted from For millennia, the Mediterranean peoples have conducted maritime quests for myth, treasure, inspiration, food, commerce, transportation, conquest, exploitation, research, discovery and adventure. The Research Vessel Heraclitus and its parent organization, the Institute of Ecotechnics, in collaboration with Mediterranean institutions, have launched a multi-year oral history expedition documenting stories, exploring the rich Intangible Cultural Histories of the peoples of key Mediterranean port cities – their values, myths, memories, hopes and wisdom in relation to this legendary sea.  These histories...

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