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Heraclitus Ship Rebuild - RESEARCH VESSEL HERACLITUS, the Chinese-junk research ship built by the Institute of Ecotechnics in 1975, has sailed the world’s oceans for over forty years, traveling more than 270,000 nautical miles in every sea except the Arctic.


Dream No Small Dream – Deep Roots

by October 19, 2021Biosphere

Dream No Small Dream – Deep Roots

This is an excerpt from October Gallery’s 40th anniversary book entitled Dream No Small Dream. 

By Dr. Mark Nelson

Co-founder and Chairman, Institute of Ecotechnics, Biosphere 2 crew member (1991 – 1993). PhD, Environmental Sciences, Ecological Engineer, Author, Speaker and Organic Farmer. Mark is Associate Editor, Life Sciences in Space Research and has organized workshops for the International Committee on Space Research (COSPAR).

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