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Pursuing the Harmony of Ecology and Technology Since 1973

How to Donate

For donations to I.E. UK, please use the donation form to the left (desktop) or above (mobile).A registered charity in United Kingdom ~ Nº 1081259.

For donations in the United States, see the section below.

We are currently raising money for the following projects or funds:

  1. General purpose donation to the Institute of Ecotechnics
  2. For the rebuild of the Research Vessel Heraclitus
  3. For Hurricane Maria rebuild of our sustainable timber project in Puerto Rico, Las Casas de la Selva
  4. Eden In Iraq: Water remediation project in the Mesopotamian marshes 
  5. Related ecotechnic educational publications with Synergetic Press. 

Donate to the Institute of Ecotechnics in the United States.

Photo of Damaged Wood Drying Shed

Wastewater Garden & Cultural Heritage Project in Southern Iraq

The Eden in Iraq Wastewater Garden team at the project site in El Chibaish with the pipe from the sewage switch plant which will fill our site growing marsh plants. It currently is discharging this untreated, raw sewage into the marshes, as it did into the Euphrates River, endangering human health and the environment.


Research Vessel Heraclitus Rebuild

We are pleased to serve as a fiscal sponsor for the rebuilding of the Research Vessel Heraclitus. First built by Ecotechnics in 1975, the vessel is well on its way toward completion of a total rebuild in Spain.

Donate to Synergetic Press

Synergetic Press

We are pleased to serve as a corporate fiscal sponsor to Synergetic Press, a mission driven independent press publishing scholarly books in high costs of publishing books in these emerging fields.

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