"Ecotechnics: the ecology of technics, and the technics of ecology."

The Institute of Ecotechnics – Founded in 1973.

About Us

Institute of Ecotechnics was formed in 1973 to initiate and develop the new discipline of Ecotechnics, which intends to harmonise ecology & technology by means of hands-on educational programmes and the research & development of demonstration projects and products.

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Since 1974, the Institute has organised annual international conferences to bring together creative thinkers on topics of basic and cutting‐edge interest to scientists, artists, and project initiators. Our new conference series focuses on exploration.


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Our Project Consultancies

Institute of Ecotechnics (I.E.) develops and applies innovative approaches to harmonizing technology and the global biosphere. The discipline of ecotechnics integrates two complementary fields of study: the ‘ecology of technics’ and the ‘technics of ecology’.

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Audio & Video from The Institute of Ecotechnics

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