The Mediterranean Conference: Oct 7 – Oct 10, 2011

by August 22, 2011Conferences

The Mediterranean Conference

Since 1974, the Institute has organised annual international conferences to bring together creative thinkers on topics of basic and cutting‐edge interest to scientists, artists, and project initiators. Our new conference series focuses on exploration. This year’s conference will be a multi‐disciplinary meeting looking at the Mediterranean region from the geologic, biomic, cultural and technospheric perspectives, giving an overview of its rich history, diversity and future potentials.

The conference begins Friday evening, October 7th, at 6:00 p.m. and concludes Monday, October 10th, at noon. These conferences are always unique and creative events. There are lively conversations, warm hospitality, and ample opportunity for strolls on the beautiful grounds of Les Marronniers. Delicious Provençal cuisine is prepared each day using fresh produce grown on Domaine Les Marronniers’ organic farm. A special treat this year is our research ship, the Heraclitus, which will be docked at the port in Marseille. The Heraclitus has sailed over 250,000 nautical miles, and is currently on a multi‐year expedition exploring and documenting lives and legends of the changing port cultures of the Mediterranean. The weekend will include an excursion to Marseille to visit the ship and meet the crew.

Click here for conference details (pdf) Click here for Schedule of Talks and registration details (pdf) Click here for Speaker Background Information (pdf)

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