The Institute of Ecotechnics thinks and acts on a planetary scale. What drives our work is the realization that our current ecological crisis is the growing imbalance between “technosphere” and “biosphere.”  This was why we at Ecotechnics set our goal to develop systems that harmonize eco and techno.

Ecotechnics Projects

Since 1973, Institute of Ecotechnics (I.E.) develops and applies innovative approaches to harmonizing technology and the global biosphere. Ecotechnics integrates two complementary fields of study: the ‘ecology of technics’ and the ‘technics of ecology’. The Institute of Ecotechnics convenes international conferences and workshops that bring together leading thinkers, scientists, explorers, artists and managers.

For the Biosphere 2 project, I.E. developed ecosystem management approaches and organized a series of international conferences on biospherics and project workshops to develop the scientific/engineering teams for design of the closed ecological system facility.
IE also consults to a range of innovative projects including: A rainforest reforestation project in Puerto Rico, an ocean-going ecological research ship, restoration of an over-grazed cattle and horse ranch in the tropical savannah of northwest Australia, organic orchard’s and regionally-adapted architecture in the high desert country of New Mexico, and an art gallery in London’s Bloomsbury district exhibiting contemporary artists from around the world.

NEWS: Biosphere 2


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