Institute of Ecotechnics
1978 MAN, MOUNTAINS, AND VISTAS with the U.N. Man and the Biosphere Program and Tribhuvan Univesity, Kathmandu, Nepal)
Kathmandu, Nepal
December 17-19, 1978

December 17th

Dr. Edwin McKee
United States Geological Survey
Denver, Colorado
“Earth’s Orogeny”

December 18th

Dr. S.B. Malla
Chief Agronomist
Department of Agriculture
Kathmandu, Nepal
“Mountain Agriculture”

Dr. Robert M. Whyte
Institute for Southeast Asian Studies
“The Bio-Geography of Mountains”

Dr. James D. Hays
Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory
Palisades, NY
“Mountain Climates”

Dr. A Reza Arasteh
International Manpower Associates
Chevy Chase, Maryland
“Mountain as Symbol: The Inner Adventure”

Encarnacion Pena
San Ildeponso Pueblo
New Mexico
“Mountains as Symbol”

December 19th

Dr. Luther C. Jerstad
Lute Jerstad Adventures
Portland, Oregon
“Mountains as Adventure”

Dr. Peter Hackett
Himalaya Rescue Association
“Man in the Mountains”

Mark Nelson
Director and Chief Agronomist
Institute of Ecotechnics
“Mountains as Cultural Reseviors”

Dr. John A. McCauley
Centre or Astro- Geology
Flagstaff, Arizona
“Mountains in the Solar System”

Carol Breed
Center for Astro-Geology
Flagstaff, Arizona
“Mountains as Catastrophic Risk Areas”