Institute of Ecotechnics
1979 JUNGLE CONFERENCE with the UN Man and the Biosphere Program and the Science University of Penang, Malayasia
Penang, Malaysia
December 13-16, 1979
December 13th
Dr. Maurice Grolier
Center for Astro-Geology
Flagstaff, Arizona
“The Jungle Overview”

December 14th

Dr. Joao Bigarella
Federal University of Parana
Curitiba, Brazil
“The Fragile Jungles”

Dr. Paul Rotmil
Institute of Ecotechnics
London, UK
“Jungle Diseases”

Dr. Claudia Naranjo
Berkeley, CA
“‘The Jungle as Symbol”

Dr. David Lewis
Oceanic Research Foundation
Sydney, NSW
“Survival in the Jungles”

Dr. Balkrishna M. Tejam
Institute of Ecotechnics
Bombay, India
“Biological Indicators in Jungles”

December 15th

Professor Jose I. Furtado
University of Malaya
Kuala Lampur, Malaysia
“Jungles, The Climax Ecology”

Roland Sharma
University of Singapore
“Jungle Wildlife”

Tho You Pong
University of Aberdeen
Aberdeen, Scotland,UK
“Insects in the Ecosystem”

Dr. C.D. Rowley
Australian National University
Canberra, ACT, Australia
“Man in the Jungles, Social and Economic Organization”

Karna Sakya
Nepal Nature Conservation Society
Kathmandu, Nepal
“Partners with the Jungle”

December 16th

Hemanta Mishra
Department of Parks and Wildlife
Kathmandu, Nepal
“Partners with the Jungle”

Dr. Ong Jin Eong
School of Biological Sciences
University Sains Malaysia
Penang, Malaysia
“The Coastal Jungle”

Professor Richard Evans Schultes
Harvard Botanical Museum
Cambridge, MA
“Jungles as the Medicinal Resource”

Julia Allen Field
Foundation Amazonia 2000
Leticia, Columbia
“Amazonia 2000. A Model for the Future”