Institute of Ecotechnics
Yanchep Inn, Yanchep National Park
Western Australia
June, 12-14, 1980

Thursday, June 12th
Dr. John McCauley,
USGS, Flagstaff Arizona, USA
“The Australian Desert in Global Perspective”

Friday, June 13th

Professor T. Gibson
University of Melbourne, Victoria
“Climactic History of the Australian Continent”

Dr. Carol S. Breed
USGS Flagstaff, Arizona, USA
“Geomorphic and Climatic Controls on the Distribution of Ecological Zones – The Perspective From Space”

Dr. David Lewis
Oceanic Research Foundation
Dangar Island, NSW Australia
“The Walkabout – Man in Transition Zones”

Dr. E. K. Bigg
Division of Cloud Physics, CSIRO
Epping NSW
“Intentional and Unintentional Weather”

Dr. Joao Bigarella, Federal University of Parana Curitiba
Parana, Brazil
“Savannah to Desert Transitions”

Saturday, June 14th

Dr. D.C. Rowley
Australian National University
Canberra ACT
“Societies in Transition”

Mr. Mark Nelson
Director Institute of Ecotechnics
Derby, Australia
“A Future Model for Transition Zones”

Mr. Ray Perry
Chief Division of Land Resources Management, CSIRO
Floreat Park, WA Australia
“Rangeland Management”

Dr. Frank Honey
Division of Land Resources Management CSIRO
Floreat Park, WA
“Monitoring Transition Zones”

Professor E Gordon Hallsworth
Science Policy Research Unit
University of Sussex, Brighton, UK
“Forest to Savannah Transitions”