Institute of Ecotechnics
Les Marronniers Conference Center
Aix-en Provence, France
November 13-16, 1981

Friday, November 13th

Eugene Shoemaker
U.S. Geologicsl Survey/California Institute of Technology
“The Building Blocks: Moons, Comets and Asteroids”

Saturday, November 14th

Dr. John McCauley
U.S. Geological Survey Center for Astro-geology
Flagstaff, Arizona
“The Geologic Planets”

Dr. Claus Frohlich
World Radiation Center
Davos, Switzerland
“The Sun and Radiation in the Solar System”

Louise B. Young
Winnetka, Illinois
“‘Atmospheres of the Planets”

Dr. David Lewis
Oceanic Research Foundation
Sydney, Australia
“The Water Planet”

Prof. Giuseppe Colombo
Instituto di Meccanica Applicata
Padua, Italy
“Planetary Motions and the Conservation of Angular Momentum”

Prof. Raymond Hide, FRS
Meteorological Office, Bracknell, Berkshire, U.K.
“Jupiter and Saturn: Giant Rotating Magnetic Fluid Planets”

Sunday, November 15th

Dr. David White
University of California
“Life Enters the Solar System”

Dr. James Lovelock, FRS
Coombe Mill Experimental Station, Launceston, Cornwall, U.K.
“How Life Evolves a Planet “

John Michel
London, UK
“Solar Alignments of Civilizations”

John D. Furber
Solar Light Energy TechnologyWashington. D.C.
“Use of Solar Power in the Solar System”

Dr. John C. Lilly
Human/Dolphin Foundation
Malibu, California
“Intelligence in the Solar System”

Dr. Conrad Gorinsky
St. Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical College
London, U.K.
“The Redundancy of Life”

Monday, November 16th

Arthur Dula
American Bar Association
Houston, Texas
“Space Law: A Policy for Humanity in the Solar System”