1982 Galactic Conference
Institute of Ecotechnics
Les Marronniers

1982 Conference

September 17-20, 1982

Friday, September 17

David Malin
Anglo-Australian Observatory
Epping, N.S.W.
“Visualizing the Galaxy”

Saturday, September 18

Ben Epperson
Caravan of Dreams Theater
Fort Worth, Texas
“Galactic Mythologies”

Dr. Victor Clube
Royal Observatory
Edinburgh, Scotland
“The Nature of Our Galactic Environment”

R. Buckminster Fuller
“The Galaxy: A Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Challenge”

Dr. Richard Dawkins
New College
Oxford University
“Principles of Evolution of Life in the Galaxy”

Dr. Lynn Margulis
Boston University
“The Living Earth from the Galaxy”

Sunday, September 19
William Dempster
Institute of Ecotechnics
Engineer, RV Heraclitus
“The Galaxy as Navigational Tool: Celestial Navigation”

Dr. Roy Walford
U.C.L.A. Medical School
“Life Extension’s Role in Galactic Exploration”

Dr. Krafft Ehricke
Space Global Corporation
La Jolla, California
“Exploring the Galaxy: Opportunities and Priorities”

Phil T.C. Hawes
Synergetic Architecture and Biotechnic Design
“Architecture for Galactic Colonies”

Dr. Graham Leonard
“Chinese, Arabic and English as Models for Encountering Other Intelligences”

Monday, September 20

Dr. Albert Hofmann
Sandoz Laboratories (Retired)
Basel, Switzerland
“The Interdependence of Inner and Outer Space”