Metapatterns, Present Moment & Evolution
Institute of Ecotechnics Conference
Les Marronniers, Aix-en-Provence, France
October 26 – 29, 2001


Intentional Time: Expeditions of the Research Vessel Heraclitus
John Allen, Chairman, Planetary Coral Reef Foundation, Santa Fe

Describing the Universe Without Time
Julian Barbour, Theoretical Physicist, Oxford, UK

Metaphysical Technology
Anthony G. Blake, Philosopher, Author, Edinburgh, UK

Life Computation: the Role of Multidimensional Time
Francoise Chatelin, Mathematician, University of Toulouse, France

What Drives Evolution
Niles Eldredge, Paleontologist, American Museum of Natural History, NY

Holistic Science: The Science of Quality
Brian Goodwin, Biologist, Professor, Schumacher College, Devon, UK

Vivid Moments — Present Moment
Kathelin Gray, Director, Institute of Ecotechnics and Co-Founder, Theatre of All Possibilities, Santa Fe, New Mexico

The New Science of the Organism
Mae-Wan Ho, Geneticist, Institute of Science in Society, London

History and Physics: Is a Theory of Everything a Theory of Everything?
David Layzer, Prof. Emeritus,  Astrophysicist, Harvard University

The Biology of Beauty
Berndt Lötsch, Ecologist, Director, Natural History Museum, Vienna

The Evolution of Science and Mind-Body Theories: A Practical Demonstration
Albert Palma, Cultural anthropologist, Author, Martial Arts Instructor, Paris

Metapatterns: High-level Structural and Functional Principles in Evolving Systems
Tyler Volk, Biologist, New York University