Institute of Ecotechnics 2002 Conference
The Ethnosphere:
Memes, Themes and Dreams 
October 25th – 28th
Les Marronniers, Aix-en-Provence, France



The Ethnosphere: An Overview
John Allen, FLS, FRGS, Inventor, Biosphere 2,  Chairman, Global Ecotechnics Corp and Biosphere Foundation, Santa Fe, NM

The Dark Lady: Creative Dreams in the Ethnosphere
Kathelin Gray, Director, Theatre of All Possibilities, London and New Mexico

The State and the Infosphere: Master or Servant?
William Heath, Chairman, Kable Ltd., London

Sheherezade and the Global Mutations of the Teaching Story
Robert Irwin, Middle Eastern Literaturescholar and novelist, author of “The Companion to the Arabian Nights,” London

Language in the Ethnosphere
Ian Mackenzie, Linguist, Photographer/Documentary Film-maker, Vancouver, B.C

The Living Theater: Scenes and Themes of Cultural Change
Judith Malina & Hanon Reznikov, Co-Directors, The Living Theater, New York/Italy

Symbols in Sacred Art 
Claudia Mueller-Ebeling, Art Historian, Anthropologist, co-author”Witches’ Medicine” & “Shamanism and Tantra in  Nepal”, Hamburg

Art as Reconnaissance:  Questions around Art, Science and the Nature of Reality
Karel Nel, Artist, Dept of Fine Arts, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa

The Eternal Forest, Recurrent HumanSymbol
Roelof A.A. Oldeman, Chairman, The Canopy Foundation (Stichting Het Kronendak), Prof. Emeritus in Silviculture & Forest Ecology, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

World Architectures of the Ethnosphere
Travis Price, III,  AIA, Architect, Adjunct Prof. Catholic Univ. of America, Washington D.C.

Solaris: Alien Intelligence as Seen by Stanislaw Lem, Andrei Tarkovsky and Stephen Soderbergh
John Rockwell, Senior Cultural Correspondent, New York Times