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Ecotechnics Award Winning Sustainable Forestry Project, Heavily Damaged by Hurricane Maria

October 22, 2017 PATILLAS, S.E. PUERTO RICO—Award Winning Sustainable Forestry Project, Heavily Damaged by Hurricane Maria, Works to Rebuild and Rescue Valuable Fallen Hardwoods. On Sept 20, 2017, the eye of Hurricane Maria passed directly over the Las Casas de la Selva, Sustainable Forestry and Rainforest Enrichment project, leaving behind devastating damage to trees, buildings and infrastructure. The project was recently awarded the prestigious National 2017 Energy Globe Award for Puerto Rico in recognition of its sustainable forestry program testing the efficacy of line-planting enrichment in the wet tropical forest as a means of achieving both economic return and...

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“The Evolution of Food Crops in the Mediterranean”.

Michel Chauvet intro Some very basic truths are almost completely lost to urban, technocentric modern people. One such truth, quoting Barbara Kingsolver: “Eating is an agricultural act”. For our next speaker, investigating how both have evolved has been a passion which has made him a world-class expert in the evolution of food crops and agricultural biodiversity. Trained as an agronomist and ethnolinguist, Michel Chauvet’s research commenced with studies of the names of food crops in European languages. Working at the French centre for overseas trade, he advised French exporters of fruits and vegetables and thus gained an overview of...

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From Science to Art and Back: Problems in Translation?

Roger Malina  “The man who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it” I recall our dear friend, the late geophysicist Keith Runcorn saying there was nothing to equal the excitement of a new observational tool, because it is totally unknown what it will reveal. Roger has had the excitement of being a pioneer not only of a new type of astronomical observatory, but one previously considered impossible because of the assumed opacity of the interstellar medium in the extreme ultraviolet spectra. Ha! Roger and his team proved the nay-sayers wrong.  It’s fitting given Roger’s...

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Conference Summary

Mediterranean Conference Summary This weekend we have gathered to investigate and celebrate the Mediterranean. Before I attempt to provide some reflection on the truly many-splendored journey we have shared , I wish to acknowledge and deeply thank the people who have made our collective experience so deeply satisfying on many levels. For overall conference management and making sure that the planning had groundtruth and logistical know-how, we thank Margaret Augustine and Marie Harding. John Allen for having the vision for this conference. John, Kathelin Gray and Deborah Snyder for helping find the right people. Bill Dempster brilliantly carried out...

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Give Me an Ampoule of Green Bodies and I Will Live

Green Bodies: Give Me and Ampoule and I will Live Ecosystems for Today’s Architectures by Antonio Saggio A paper from Antonio Saggio’s keynote speech at the Talk at Chania, Isle of Crete, Greece, August, 30, 2011.  European Network of Heads of Schools of Architecture – European Association for Architectural Education International Conference Introduction This essay summarizes my research of the last five years and is projected to become the next chapter of my last EAAE-ENHSA keynote speech delivered five years ago. When I delivered that speech according to my usual practice, I created a hidden link, which expanded the...

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