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Birdwood Downs, Australia

Since 1978, Birdwood Downs Station has pioneered new ecological methods of improving degraded lands using stock management, weed control and planting improved grasses. Now, the beautiful paddocks with their groves of native trees, spectacular boab and eucalyptus, serve as a model for sustainable management of the tropical savannah and support our horses and cattle herd. Read more about us. The knowledge and experience gained in the past 30 years is now passed on in our hands-on training programmes. The Kimberley School of Horsemanship offers training for all ages in horse care, horse training and riding. Facilities include a roundyard,...

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Laboratory Biosphere

Advanced Life Support System Experimental Chamber The Earth’s biosphere is basically a system that is materially closed (with some input from the solar system such as meteorites and some output from Earth such as escaping gasses) and open to information and energetic sources (such as sunlight and heat radiation). Biospherics is the study of biospheres: an exciting and essential new science, first envisioned by Vladimir Vernadsky (Russia) in the 1920’s. Biospherics differs from systems ecology in that it deals with materially closed systems and thus complete biogeochemical cycling. Biospheres, as a class of objects to study, are defined as...

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Synergetic Press

AFFILIATE PROJECT: Synergetic Press is a fiercely independent publisher with offices in Santa Fe and London. We’ve published paradigm-shifting texts for over thirty years. The founders of Synergetic Press are pioneers in the field of biospheric and environmental sciences. The publishing program collaborates with many of the authors and speakers met at the Institute of Ecotechnics interdisciplinary conferences. Our authors are leading thinkers, visionaries, and cultural creatives that are dedicated to building a sustainable planetary culture. For more information on our ecotechnic related books and events, please visit...

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Las Casas de la Selva

Las Casas de la Selva The Las Casas de la Selva (the Houses of the Forest) property is managed by Tropic Ventures and Tropic Ventures Educational & Research Foundation (a Puerto Rico non-profit corporation). This area provides a protected habitat for Puerto Rican native flora and fauna as well as a long-term study site for research and limited public and student familiarization in the areas of ecology, botany, forestry, horticulture, soil, ethnobotany and other related environmental disciplines. Since 1984, on this 1,000 acres of land, 40,000 valuable hardwood trees have been line-planted within 230 acres, while maintaining the ecosystem’s...

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