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Heraclitus Ship Rebuild - RESEARCH VESSEL HERACLITUS, the Chinese-junk research ship built by the Institute of Ecotechnics in 1975, has sailed the world’s oceans for over forty years, traveling more than 270,000 nautical miles in every sea except the Arctic.


Manno França is an expert in geospatial intelligence and strategy, as well as a researcher in forest fire management in tropical regions. He worked as an advisor to the government in Brazil, where he coordinated the Department of Geospatial Intelligence and was responsible for the modelling and establishment of biological corridors and many hundreds of thousands of acres in protected areas in different biomes. During that period, he was also involved with the development of new systems to detect deforestation and platforms to make geographical information and environmental knowledge widely accessible to the public.

He is the Co-¬Founder of EarthX, a new geospatial platform crafted specifically for storytelling and citizen engagement. EarthX believes that geospatial literacy and systems thinking are key to understanding our planet.

Manno also acts as director, trustee and advisor to various cross-sector organisations in the UK, US, Switzerland, New Zealand, Brazil, Spain and Argentina.

He joined the Edmund Hillary Fellowship in 2019 and, currently, lives in the mountains in southeast Brazil with his wife and daughter.

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