Marie Harding

b. November 13, 1941 Glen Cove, L.I., N.Y.


1998 – 99, Karate School of Martial Arts

1995 – 97, 2010 – Tae Kwon Do Institute, Martial Arts.

1994 – University of Phoenix, MBA Program, First Semester.

1965 – New York School of Social research, studies in Asian Art and Tradition.

1965 – Arts Students League, N.Y.

1964 – BA. Degree, Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, N.Y.,

1959 – Miss Porter’s School, Farmington Conn.

1956 – Greenvale School, Glen Cove L.I., N.Y.


2006 – 2006 Chairman Board, Tropic Seas Research, owner RV Heraclitus, Research Vessel 2006- 2008 Board of Directors, Tropic Ventures Research & Education Foundation, Puerto Rico 2006 – Director, Treasurer, Institute of Ecotechnics, NM, 501C3

2004, Treasurer, San Marcos Studio Tour

2004 – 2010 Member, San Marcos District Planning Committee

1998 – President, Synergia Ranch LLC, Center for Innovation and Retreats, Santa Fe, NM

1996 – President, Silver Hills Ranch Homeowners Association

1994 – President, Board of Directors, Global Ecotechnics Corporation, NV, (Formerly EcoFrontiers Company, NV), International Eco-Projects and Biospheric Design, Management & Development. 1994 – President, Tropic Ventures JV; Puerto Rico, Sustainable Forestry

1993 – 1994 Secretary, Planetary Coral Reef Foundation, Coral Reef research, Dolphin release Program. 1992 – 1994 Chief Financial Officer, Finance Committee, Director, V.P., Space Biospheres Ventures, “Biosphere 2”, AZ.

1988 – 1992 Finance Director, Finance Committee, Space Biospheres Ventures, Oracle, AZ.

1989 – 2007, Secretary/Treasurer, Institute of Ecotechnics, UK. 2007 – Ass’t Secretary

1985 – Council Member, Institute of Ecotechnics, UK, ecology, research and management 1973-1985 Co-Founder, Director, Vice President, Institute of Ecotechnics, Santa Fe, NM, U.S.A. 1990 -1993 President, Eco-Frontiers Inc., Texas, Alaska Mining Project

1986 – 1998 Chairman of the Board, Secretary, V.P., EcoWorld Inc., Ecosystems Management at Synergia Ranch, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

1982-1985, President, EcoWorld Inc., Property and Ecosystems Management at Synergia Ranch, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

1986 – 1993 C.E.O and Chairman, Oceans Expeditions Inc., marine & estuarine research; Expedition to Circumnavigate South America and the Antarctic Peninsula-(E.C.S.A.) R.V. Heraclitus, under contract to Space Biospheres Ventures, 1988

1988 Associate Producer, film series “Journeys to Other Worlds”

1985 – 1987 Director, C.E.O., Caravan of Dreams Productions, Record/Film Prod./Marketing, Ft. Worth, TX

1985 Assist to Director, Shirley Clarke, Texas Film Unit: production of “Ornette: Made in America”, by Caravan of Dreams Productions.

1984 – 1991 Review Committee for Space Biospheres Venture’s “Biosphere 2”, Oracle,AZ, to design, construct, manage a materially closed energetically open ecological system.

1981 – 1994 Director, Decisions Investment Inc. (DI) TX, International Investment company, (fka DI Ltd., Hong Kong; 1981 – 1992).

1981 – Director, Secretary, Vice President, Decisions Team Inc. (DT) AZ,

1994- President, International Projects Design, Implementation & Management. (Fka DT Ltd Hong Kong to 1981-1992)

1983 – 1994, Director, Caravan of Dreams Inc. Performing Arts Center, Ft. Worth, Texas

1983 – 2004, Director, Tropic Seas Research, Inc., Owner of R/V Heraclitus.

1979 – 1994, Director, Outback Station Pty. Ltd., W. Australia, Cattle & Horse Station 1978-1983, Director, Substantia Planetary Ltd., London, UK, a carpet and textile trading company. 1978 – 1994, Director, Travel Service Everywhere, U.S.A., Ft. Worth, Texas

1978 – 1989, Director, Vice President, Travel Works Inc., Santa Fe, N.M.

1977 – 1994, Director, Co-Founder Hotel Vajra Guest House, Kathmandu, Nepal

1976 – Director, Birdwood Downs PTY LTD (formerly known as Savannah Systems Pty. Ltd.) Pastoral Management, Birdwood Downs Station, Northwestern Australia

1976 – 1994, Director, Vice President, Fine Line Inc., a diversified Investment and Venture Corporation, Ft. Worth, TX

1975, Captain, RV. Heraclitus, 84 ferro-cement, Chinese junk design motor/sail research vessel 1974, Financial manager for the construction of R.V. Heraclitus, Oakland, CA

1973-1980 Director, Secretary, Synopco Corp., Santa Fe, NM., architectural & construction company. 1967-1968 Manager, Sign of the Fool Restaurant, San Francisco, Ca.

1966-1967, Manager, La Turquesa restaurant and store, Cerrillos, N.M.


1994 – 1998 Shareholder, Cyberspheres Inc., a Delaware Company

1994 – Shareholder, Global Ecotechnics Corporation, fka EcoFrontiers Company, NV

1987 – 1994, Partner, Jubilee Downs Station, Fitzroy Crossing, W. Australia, cattle & horse breeding. 1977 – 1994, Partner, Co-Founder Quanbun Downs, Fitzroy Crossing, W. A., 120,000 Ha. Pastoral Station.

1976 – Partner, Co-Founder, Birdwood Downs Station, 5000 A., pastoral agricultural & horsemanship training station, wastewater gardens, Derby, Australia.

1974-1978 – Partner, Substantia Traders, U.S.A., a carpet and textile trading company

1969 –, Owner, Synergia Ranch LLC, N.M., a 135 A. Center for Innovation and Retreat Center


1986 – Trustee, October Gallery, London.

1979 – Founder, October Gallery, London; exhibitions of artists from around the planet.


Synergia Ranch, Permanent Exhibition October Gallery, London UK

1979 Group Show with ZZ Brown

1981 Multi-Media Presentation

1985 Group Show

1996 Biosphere 2 Painting Exhibition in conjunction with Linean Society 2002 Group show, including traveling exhibition to Berlin in 2003.

2004 Group show for 25th Anniversary of Gallery

2004 Nai’s Roadhouse Cafe
1999 –2004, San Marcos Studio Tours, Synergia Ranch, Santa Fe, NM.

2004, Peoples Bank, Albuquerque, NM,

1991 –1994, Biosphere 2 Café & Restaurant, paintings of Biosphere 2

1985, Group Show Fluorescent Paintings, Casa Sin Nombre, Santa Fe, NM. 1987, Caravan of Dreams, Ft. Worth, Texas, show during Down Town Festival 1983-1984, Project Director & Painter, 3 murals for Caravan of Dreams Performing Arts Center. “History of Jazz & Blues” (Presently in Museum of Fine Arts, New Orleans, Louisiana) “Forms of Dance”, “A Moment of Theater”, in Santa Fe, NM) 1967, Restaurant, Haight Street, San Francisco, CA,

1966 Turquoise Café, Cerrillos NM

Other: 1970-1972, 2009 – ClayWorks Pottery, manager, ceramist.

Film and Photography:

1988, Associate Producer, film series “Journeys to Other Worlds”

1986, Director, Producer, film “Loves Ya, Brion Gysin, Loves Ya”

1983, Assistant to the Director, Shirley Clarke, Texas Film Unit: production of the film, “Ornette: Made in America” by Caravan of Dreams Productions.

1983, Partner, Far out and Far Away Images. Photos from around the world.

1978, Iraq, shot film of ancient sights of Iraq.

1974, Director and Producer film “Underground”

1974, Record production “Rainmakers”, soundtrack for film “Underground”.

1973, Director, producer, film: “Birth”

1971-1980, Cine Ciao (d.b.a.) documentary films, cameraman, editor, film consultant.


1982-1985 Co-Director, Business Manager Studio 2, Theater Company, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

1971-1988 Actress, Scenographer, Caravan of Dreams Touring Theater

1967-1971 Co-Founder, Director and actress/dancer, Theater of All Possibilities, N.M.


1984, Site location for Space Biospheres Ventures, Biosphere 2 project.

1981, First modern western expedition into Szechwan Province, trek around Mt. Seguniun, an eastern Himalayan peak.

1977, Soviet Union, Moscow, Leningrad, Bukhara, Samarkand, Tashkent, shot film footage. 1976, Overland trip from Europe to Bombay through Iran. Shot film of life & architecture in Iran. 1976, Site selection in N.W. Australia for Quanbun Downs.

1975, Site selection for Les Marroniers Conference Center, Aix en Provence, France.

1975, Captain, maiden voyage, R.V. Heraclitus, Ensenada, Mexico, Panama Canal to Cartegena. 1971, Leader, Eastern Australia Expedition, to select project site for Institute of Ecotechnics Tropical Savannah Biome consulted project

1964-65 Travel around the world Greece, Turkey, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan.

1964-65 Vietnam, volunteer work, hospital/medical training, Project Concern Hospital near Dampao village, Vietnam. Taught English to Montanards.

1964, Village rehabilitation development program, Madras, India with “The Swallows”, a Swedish organization.


Over-all interest in large-scale seminal cultural, artistic and biospheric projects. Active in: executive and financial project management, painting, pottery and photography.

LANGUAGES: English, French.